Vampires were once normal humans who were infected by the Vampire Virus. Vampires don't physically age, and can only consume blood.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vampires are virtually indistinguishable from normal humans, except they have extermely pale skin, long, sharp fangs, and they don't physically age. They have hyper dialated eyes that appear almost black. Vampires live in groups ranging from small nests of 7 to 9 vampires  to larger covens which can range from 40 to 90 vampires or more. While nests are nomadic moving from place to place covens usually have permanant residence in large cities although even they can travel to elude detection. Vampires are not romantic and are aggressive , cruel and have an insaitable hunger for blood. Although they can feed on any type of living blood except other vampires, they derive they greatest pleasure from human blood. they can speak like normal humans but are also capable of emiting inhuman hisses and high pitched screeches when on the attack.


The only thing that is edible to Vampires is human or animal blood. Vampires find the smell of blood highly irresistable. The amount of blood in a full grown human can keep a vampire satiated for about a week before it needs to feed again though some vampires will feed  more than once a week because they come to enjoy the "hunt". The vampires hunger for blood referred to in some circles as The Thrist is always present even if the vampire feeds regulary it never stops. Vampires can't feed from dead creatures because dead blood is coagulated and thus has no benefiet to them although they can survive off stored blood their predatory nature drives them seek out fresh blood from living creatures in paticular, humans A vampire will choose a living meal over a blood pouch nearly every time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vampirisim is caused by a gene altering virus that is carried only in vampire blood and is passed when the vampire blood is orally ingested or if it injected through a needle. The Virus takes anywhere from one to two weeks to completely alter the persons biology making them vampiric with several other changes taking place over the new vampire's first year. Vampires have razor sharp fangs that emerge from the gum line over the incisor teeth whenever the jaw flexes open allowing the vampire to easliy access the carotid and jugular veins. contray to popular belief, vampire bites aren't two neat punctures or pin pricks vampires will actually tear open the side of a victims neck to get as much blood as possible quickly even if the vampire doesnt drain the victim entirely, because of the state of the injury, these victims will bleed to death before they can get help the fact that vampire saliva like most blood feeding organisims has a powerful anticoagulant that prevents the blood from clotting and allowing easier feeding also speeds this up. in order to cover their tracks vampires will often try dispose of their victims bodies and if they can't they make it look like something else. for example cutting the throat to make it look like they were murdered or make more bites and tears. because of this victims of vampires are often labled as victims of serial killers or animal attacks and if their is no body, then they are listed as missing persons. sadly these stratagies and other methods often work as the greatest strength these monsters have is that most people don't believe they exist. They have anywhere from 2 to 3 times the strength they had as a human fortunantly after being turned vampires can't build any more strength for the rest of their existence.


Once a host is infected by the Vampire Virus and turned in a Vampire, the virus eliminates the genome that causes lifeforms to age, die and decay, causing the Vampire to stop physically aging. Vampire chromosomes have a higher production of teolmerase than normal human cells. Telomerase stops chromsomes from prematurly aging by stopping DNA damage which causes aging. Because of this constant repairing of the chromosomes vampires stop phisycally aging and can as long as they don't starve or are killed by somebody, they can live live for hundreds if not thousands of years In effect they are biologically immortal. However few actually survive that long.


If a Vampire abstains from drinking blood  they will begin to suffer starvation symptoms; if a Vampire abstains for three days past it's next required feeding it's body will start to consume itself and will eventually die. Vampires are also extremely sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, which burns their skin and can be fatal to them due to both the burns and high amounts of raditation posioning. because of this exterme sun sensitivity vampires are nocturnal and can only be out at night.  Vampires can also die from blood loss and although they have enhanced healing allowing them to recover from injuries that would normally take a week to heal in just a couple days.  The only other ways to kill a Vampire is by damaging or destroying its heart or brain, or decapitating it Bladed weapons and guns can kill vampires as long as you aim at the brain or the heart. [ Important note] heart shots most be done mutiple times to ensure fatal results.


Vampire numbers have increased in modern times due to mass turning their is now more vampires then there has ever been and various Monster hunter teams are trying to fight back. Currently the global vampire population is a little over one million.