The Vampire Virus, also known as the Vampire Plague or Vampirism, is a vicious and highly evolved virus. It is the virus that turns its hosts into Vampires.


The Vampire Virus is spread through blood-saliva contact. If a Vampire feeds off a human victim and the victim survives (such as if the Vampire only drinks five or less pints of the human's blood), they will be infected by the Vampire Virus. The virus has an incubation time of five days. During that time, the victim will begin to become dazed and faint, and sensitive to light, and will eventually enter a state of suspended animation which will also cause them to appear deceased.

The infected victim will spend two hours in this state while the Vampire Virus begins converting them into a Vampire. When the conversion process is complete, the victim will awake as a Vampire. From this point onwards, the victim's body will stop physically aging and will be extremely sensitive to UV radiation. The victim's canine teeth will also become fangs, and the only thing edible to them will be human or animal blood.


Vampires, the infected hosts of the Vampire Virus, become unable to consume anything other than the blood of humans or animals. They also become severely photosensitive, and their canines become fangs for infecting and feeding off victims. When a Vampire smells blood or is aggravated, their eyes will also turn red and their pupils will shrink to the size of pinpricks. Also, when the virus is converting an infected host into a Vampire while the host is in suspended animation, it eliminates the genome that causes lifeforms to age and die. Thus, when the infected host awakens as a Vampire, they will stop physically aging and their body will stay the exact same age it was when they became a Vampire.

The Vampire Virus also gives Vampires nearly superhuman levels of strength, speed and endurance, but in doing so, it also speeds up its hosts' metabolisms, to the point that a Vampire will starve to death if they spend three days without consuming any blood. Also, if any of a Vampire's organs, except for the brain or the heart, sustain damage that would be fatal to humans, the Vampire will simply enter another state of suspended animation until the damage heals.

The Vampire Virus also causes its hosts to give off a pheromone to attract humans to the Vampire for the Vampire to either infect or feed off of.

Treatment and ImmunityEdit

There is no cure for Vampirism, although an infected victim can slow down and delay their transformation into a Vampire by constantly inhaling the smell of garlic. Also, if a human is infected with the Lycan Virus and becomes a Werewolf, the Lycan Virus will fully immunize the new Werewolf against the Vampire Virus.