Zombies are, reanimated from the dead by Zombie Virus, they are animated corpse and feed on raw meat of the living.

overview Edit

Zombies are created from the corpses of human beings by the zombie virus They have very pale complexion and gray-clouded eyes and are mindless undead incapable of thought or reason. Zombies have no purpose other than to attack and feed on the flesh of living creatures although only humans can be reanimated by the virus. zombies are, due to both brain damage and rigor mortis, slow moving at a shambling pace but unfourtunely they never tire. The virus spreads through bodily fluids the most common way this is done is a person being infected by a zombie's bite. The virus kills the infected person within 24 hours of infection and then by restarting the brain stem reanimates the corpse as a zombie. Zombies decay slower than regular corpses taking up to a year to fully decompose however they can last longer in colder climates due to freezing tempertaures preserving them. The only way to destroy a zombie is to either behead them or destroy the brain. The Zombie Virus first appeared around 40,000 years ago and wiped out the neanderthals and ever since various outbreaks of this disease have occured throughout histroy all the way to the present day. there is no known vaccine or cure to stop infection, and research and spreading knowledge has been complicated by various politcal and religious organizations who have sworn to keep the virus and the undead monstrosities it creats a secret.